Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Defying gravity

2 months, 13 days, and still flying high. Sir M had a birthday party on the 19th of April. My job on the day before was to stop by the Rantoul IGA to pickup the birthday cake for the shindig (btw--this is THE place for cakes in the area...no other place is even close to their quality. Get the bettercreme whipped frosting, and remember who sent ya). While waiting for the cake, Sir M decided he wanted a pre birthday gift--a power rangers mylar balloon. He picked that balloon from the center of about 50 balloons on the ceiling. It took me two minutes to even find the balloon he was pointing at. I bought it though, figuring I was wasting 3.99 as most likely that balloon would make a break for the open sky as soon as we left the store. It didn't-- we made it to the car and made it home, and through the party throughthe week, and on into the next month. As I blog, that crazy mylar balloon with the power rangers picture on it is STILL flying in our living room. Red Ranger-FULL POWER!!

Anybody have a recent copy of the Guiness Record Book? What is the record for longest flying power ranger mylar balloon? I think I have a contender...


Lavender Lemonade said...

That is so funny, because everytime I see that damn balloon, I think of the shady information I got from Dallas & Co. I mean it was the Thurs. before Bug's Saturday party and I had selected all 15 various balloons I wanted from the gigantic set of balloon encyclopedias they have and the chick at the register is ringing me up and says...oh, is the party tonight? I say no, its Saturday. She says "oh, no, these balloons will only stay "up" for 8 hours. We can "high-float" the mylar ones but that will only give you 24 hours." Cancel the order, then. Thanks anyway. HA!
Way to go Rantoul IGA! Thanks for high-floating our power ranger balloon for 3 months.

Lavender Lemonade said...

Update: Red Ranger is flying low, half deflated.